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       What is a deliverance?

     If you have questions or would like to set an appointment contact us via phone or submit this  form below.


Every deliverance appointment is different, what you can expect is the power of God to set you free. God wants you to be free from lies and strongholds that you have carried. As believers and non believers we can allow the enemy access to our soul which is our mind, will and emotions by receiving any thought or doing any action that may be opposed to the Word of God. When this happens we can allow an opening for the enemy to come in and set up a stronghold inside of us. These strongholds and spirits of oppression can only be removed by the power of the name of Jesus Christ. God wants all people to live a life free of bondage, addiction or oppression. If you are saved you can still be oppressed, this has nothing to do with your salvation but it does hinder you as a believer in Christ. This is why the ministry of deliverance is so important to Him. What you do after a deliverance is just as important as receiving one, as a Christian you are responisble for the thoughts you receive as Truth, applying God's word in your life is the solution. We look forward in hearing from you!

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